Month: December 2015

WP Popper Pro Lite

WP Popper Pro is a fantastic WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily and quickly churn out attention-grabbing pop ups with content that will make your visitors STAY and BUY from you.

The beauty of this exclusive plugin is that you can use in-content video, image and text pop ups where you can showcase any product of yours, engaging articles and even profiles (the sky is the limit here!)

WP Instant Popup Lite

WP Instant Pop Up is a wordpress plugin that enables you to add powerful and personalized pop ups to your wordpress pages.

It is a very useful WordPress plug-in that will allow you to quickly and easily create personalized pop-up windows in your WordPress blogs. It’s really simple–you just install the plug-in, select the type of pop-up that you want and there you go!

Pinterest Power

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media websites in the world, but the real benefit to business owners and entrepreneurs is that when you post, it could possibly be seen by ANYONE on the network, even those who don’t follow you. This is something which isn’t really possible on most other social networks.

That’s why Pinterest is so perfect for newcomers, who haven’t established strong social media profiles, or maybe have struggled to gain traction on other social media platforms.

But Pinterest has a steep learning curve compared to Facebook and Twitter. That’s because most of us are accustomed to how to use these networks, whereas Pinterest is a COMPLETELY different beast.

Sales Funnel Simplified

Sales funnels are not new. They have been about since long before the internet was even heard of (the term sales ‘funnel’ was first coined in 1924). It’s just that as consumers we don’t generally have any reason to know the term.

Chances are, you never even heard of a ‘sales funnel’ until you got involved in the online marketing world. Maybe you still aren’t clear what a sales funnel is. (If that includes you, don’t worry, we’ll cover this soon).

But one thing is certain – effective sales funnels are ESSENTIAL if you want to make a decent living online.


A Very Merry Christmas

When it comes to the holiday season, there really is no excuse for not making the best out of the most special time of the year. The opportunities are endless and considering that Christmas is celebrated worldwide, there is always something fun for you to do. But not everybody can be so creative during Christmas season.

Whether you’re a Christmas enthusiast or have never celebrated at all, this is the key guide to helping you make this Christmas your best ever!